Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's go Krogering!!!! Coupon Lesson #3 and today's shopping results!!!!

I love shopping at Kroger and I love saving money even more. I stayed under my $50/wk. budget, by getting all this for $49.98. I saved $74.37 (60%). I am so thrilled with that.

I had promised a lesson on shopping at Kroger and I am going to use this trip as a guide.

First of all this morning, I looked at the Kroger ad online, just to get familiar with the sales. Then I sent on over to my favorite website, and checked out her coupon match-ups. I went down the list and picked the things I wanted to buy this week. Below each item if there are printable coupons listed, I print those and go through my coupon box to see if I have coupons for that item. I always try to put my coupons that I know I will be using in order of the way the store is set up, so I am not wasting too much time in the store. This only takes a few minutes. Next I load any coupons to my Kroger plus card that are listed that I may need to purchase my items. The thing I like about is that she had the links to the printable coupons and downloadable coupons right there, so you aren't searching all day.

At Kroger, here in Somerset, KY, they double coupons with a face value of .50 and under (example a .50 coupon will double to a dollar). If you notice on my receipt below it will say scanned coupon .50 and then right below it, it says bonus coupon .50.

Notice in the next picture, below the item purchased, it says "ecpn cookcrisp 0.75-". That is where your downloadable coupons come off. They automatically come off without you doing a thing.

At our Kroger they do let you use your downloadable coupon along with a paper coupon, so today, I got some great deals on cereal. They rang up for $2.49 and then I got another $1.00 off with the mega event making it $1.49. Then a downloadable coupon for .55 and paper coupon for .55, making my lucky charms .39. Every box of cereal had a similar circumstance, so each box was under .95 and most under .50. You can't beat that!

Now to talk more about the mega event. Kroger does these quite often and they are usually pretty awesome. This particular one was buy 4 items, get $4 off, so basically it is $1.00 off per item. You need to buy this in multiples of 4, so either buy 4, 8, or 12, and you can do as many transactions per week as you want. You do not have to buy all the same item, they all just have to be items that are part of this sale. This $4 will not show under the item on your receipt. If you look on the above picture, it shows after everything is rung up.

My other suggestion is not to be so reliant on those websites that you can't search out your own deals. I didn't notice this one on southernsavers, but noticed it in the store. Intuition razor refills were buy one get one free, and I used 2 $4 off coupons, so I got 2 packs of razor refills for 1.49 each and they are normally 10.99 each. An awesome deal.

I hope that this lesson has been helpful. Have a great day everyone!!!

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