Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Couponing - Lesson #2


Webster’s dictionary defines a stockpile as “a: a reserve supply of something essential accumulated within a country for use during a shortage b: a gradually accumulated reserve of something”. So yes, I do stockpile. When I find an item on sale, such as the pasta and cream of chicken soup on sale at Kroger this week that I got for free with my coupons, I buy as many as possible. Things like that will last a while, and I won’t have the weekly expense of that item on my grocery list.

Stockpiling not only helps reduce your weekly grocery bill, but I stockpile other items too, like diapers, wipes, medicine, cleaning supplies, and health and beauty items that I find at great prices. Many of those items, like diapers and wipes can be used as gifts at baby showers or cleaning supplies can be used to create a basket for a newly married couple. I also donate stockpiled items when my church takes up a collection for a local children’s home or when my kid’s school has a food drive. I don’t have to run out and add an extra expense to my budget because I already have those items in my stockpile.

I store my stockpile in my kitchen on a bookshelf. Do you have an empty cabinet, a corner where you can set a bookshelf or a dry basement that you can put a shelf in? There are lots of ideas out there, and I’m sure we all have clutter that we can get rid of to create a space to stockpile in.

Good luck stockpiling! Join me for Lesson #3 when I will go into detail about shopping at Kroger.

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