Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween me!

I hate the idea of buying Halloween Costumes and spending a lot of money on something that the kids will wear only once. So, I decided to make our own.
Mahala wanted to be a lady bug and Emily wanted to be a puppy. I got online and searched for ideas and patterns, and took some of them and made my own.

This is Mahala the lady bug........

All together Mahala's costume probably cost $10 and the shirt can be worn again. The pants she already had. When I take the antennas off the hat, it can be worn again also.

This is Emily the puppy dog.......

First of all, ignore her blue mouth, she was eating a sucker. Emily's costume cost a little more than Mahala's, but Emily needed a brown shirt and pants for hers. All together, Emily's was around $15, but her outfit can be worn again too. The shirt had a design on it, so I loosely sewed the felt on the front to cover it. It can be taken off. Same for the toboggan, the ears are sewn on loosely so they can be taken off and it worn again.

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