Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Shopping

I decided to do a quick coupon run today. Didn't need anything major, but wanted to get a few things before they were all gone. You know how these crazy coupon people are. They get all the good stuff. :-).
The above picture are my Walgreens deals. I spent $3.83 and saved $22.20.
The next picture are my CVS deals. I spent $1.72 and saved $17.53. I was a little sad at CVS because I was going for the Zhu Zhu pet deal and they were all out.

This last picture is what I came away with at Kroger. I spent $25.70 and saved $22.34.

I didn't do too bad today.
Total spent = $31.25
Total saved =$62.07

I even still have $18.75 of my $50 weekly budget to spend!

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